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"We are having way to much fun with your program!"
Pete W.

"I recently downloaded your demo and love it! It is what I have been looking for."
Ash U.

"I think it's a nice and handy program and it's easy to use."

"So, your program came as a huge surprise to me, because I could download the very good demo and I found it extremely easy to use. I think that it's quite amazing that people can create a program that it so easy to use, and has such great results. I could get the hang of the program and all of its features (I think) in a very short time. I just want to congratulate you on your excellent creation."
David T.

"It's great! "
Linday T.

"Really great product you have here. Not too hard to work out how to use either."
Dion H.

"I found your job wonderful, RCCAD is an amazing tool for create a new design of model."
Philippe M.

"I just tried out the demo... what a great product!"

"I like it! I'm thinking about buying the full-up version....if I can win it! Great product! Even the test version!"
Dean F.

"Well done on a great program. It must be intuitive if I can use it!... I've dabbled with designs on paper before but they end up looking a right mess! Not anymore :o)"
Rob G.

"Great program!"
Tobias P.

"I am very impressed with your software and the web page. I think it is the final help for creative modelers who always tried to design his model aircrafts with AUTOCAD spending a lot of work and time with few results."
Jorge M.

"I love your program and I'm always on it playing around making something new"
Robert C.

"We are having a lot of fun with your demo version of RCCad"
Alan C.

"Thank you for providing such a great program for me to design planes with"
Jordan R.

"I must thank you for your inexpensive but very effective tool for developing model aircraft concepts."
Delfin P.

"RC Cad is really a nice program, can't stop playing with it. It's easy to design nice and fantastic planes and boats and..."
Michael W.

"As per your excellent website, I've downloaded the "demo" version of your "RcCad" software. It was easy to get started and quickly create what was on my mind."
Steve C.

"I have just downloaded your Demo Version of RcCad. Very impressive indeed!"
John B.


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