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RcCad Gallery: the Multi-fuselages

Planes designed with the Demo RcCad version

VRML File Author The RcCad team


  John Trindle

Interesting project for a 7 elts motor, 40 oz and Naca 2412 airfoil. Looking forward to seeing the real one !
TwinBoom.wrl | TwinBoom.rcd

Murray Webster A bi-Mig from New Zealand, thanks Murray for this excellent work !
BiMig-TC.wrl | BiMig-TC.rcd
Darren Larkin Three fuselages for this beautiful Lightning (over 500 vertices for the central fuselage...)
lightning.wrl | lightning.rcd
Trever Otto ...and another one, here a superb Voyager with its two propellers.
voyager.wrl | voyager.rcd


This twin is very nice and the fuselages design really impressive!
TwinXX.wrl | TwinXX.rcd

Michael Wiklund

Very good seaplane, thanks Michael!
floats.wrl | floats.rcd

Steve Cozens

A "DragonFly" from Steve, a very good work!
cad_twin.wrl | cad_twin.rcd

SkyMaster.jpg (4511 bytes) Eric Farmer A *Beautiful* SkyMaster from Eric!
SkyMaster.wrl | SkyMaster.rcd
jet-2-eng-4 (mo).jpg (7227 bytes) Marco Osephius Marco sent us this very good bi-fuselage plane, thanks!
jet-2-eng-4%20(mo).wrl | jet-2-eng-4%20(mo).rcd
P-38.jpg (5018 bytes) Kyle Pearson The second P-38 of the gallery! Chek out how Kyle did these great vertical tips...
P-38.wrl | P-38.rcd

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